Be Bold.

Hirons is an award-winning leader in the advertising and public relations industry. We are a research-based, results-driven agency that thrives on being strategic and bold. We outthink, outwork and outperform to exceed clients’ expectations.

“…if the zoo’s mission has been, in CEO Mike Crowther’s words, ‘to engage, enlighten, and empower’ visitors, this newest project is a smashing success.”

- Johnette Rodriguez, The Boston Globe

“It’s hard to imagine how supporters of the Wishard Memorial Hospital project — specifically Matthew Gutwein, head of the Marion County Health and Hospital Corp. — could have done a better job of presenting their case to voters.”

- Matthew Tully, metro columnist, The Indianapolis Star

Meet Our Employee Owners

There’s something unusual about the Hirons’ staff. They aren’t just employees — they’re the actual owners of the company.