Hirons is an award-winning leader in the advertising and public relations industry. We are a research-based, results-driven agency that thrives on being strategic and bold. We outthink, outwork and outperform to exceed clients’ expectations.


Hirons buys more digital messages than any other firm in Indiana. We provide a holistic approach to your campaign, starting with an evaluation of your website and ending with measurement of conversion rates. We excel at search engine optimization, viral campaigns, blogs, discussion boards, websites and social media. We’re here to simply advise or completely manage.


We are thrilled to work for some of the most fascinating individuals and institutions in Indiana and beyond. We’ve shaped the behavior of voters, diners, shoppers, patients, students, tourists and more. We’ve helped infants come into the world healthier and adults travel out of town happier. Serious or fun, we approach each case with the same level of enthusiasm and intensity.

Crisis Communication

Considering the speed and fervor with which reputations are tarnished these days, it literally pays to have some insurance. We can help you figure out how to stave off bad press or bolster the good kind, but if an incident does arise, we’ll be at your side to mitigate and repair. Call us before you need us. You’ll sleep better at night knowing our number is in your phone.

Our People

From veterans who are pillars in PR to millennials with fresh eyes, we have a diverse and capable team on hand to assist you with all of your communications needs. Our people have years of work and life experience from which to draw. Many are considered experts in their respective specialties. What we don’t have in-house we have in established partnerships within the community.




Eskenazi Health

Advertising, Branding, Design, Health Care, Identity, Print, Public Relations, Video, Web

Indianapolis Airport Authority

Advertising, B2C, Hospitality, Integrated, Print, Public Relations, Video

Office of Attorney General

Advertising, B2C, Design, Digital, Government, Integrated, Mobile, Print, Video


Advertising, B2B, Branding, Design, Digital, Identity, Mobile, Print, Web

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