Hirons Brings Two New Employees on to Team

Hirons Brings Two New Employees on to Team

Hirons has added two new individuals to the roster with strategic hires Kelsey Vandeventer and Madelyn Morgan.

Vandeventer comes to Hirons from a background rich with experience. In 2010, she joined Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions in Lexington, Ky. as an account service assistant and later joined Kao USA, Inc. in Cincinnati as project manager. Most recently she worked at Publicis Indianapolis, where she served as an account executive in health care and new agency business.

Vandeventer will serve Hirons in a health care capacity; her clients will include Eskenazi Health and Eskenazi Health Foundation in Indianapolis and Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes. She also will be serving on the Energizing Indiana account team. This will be Vandeventer’s second time as a Hirons employee, as she joined our team in 2010 as a Communications Management intern.

Morgan joins us as Quality Control Lead. She has served as writing coach to the former Y-Press youth news organization and has been a copy editor for the Indianapolis Star and Columbus (Ohio) Citizen-Journal. Morgan will proofread and edit Hirons’ products and documents and serve as writing coach to all interested employees.

“Hirons is always glad to bring new and talented staff to join our award-winning team,” said Deana Haworth, senior vice president and director of account services. “Kelsey and Madelyn bring many things to the table, and we are excited to see what the future holds for both them and for Hirons.”

Vandeventer graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor of arts in integrated strategic communication. Morgan has a bachelor of arts in journalism from the Ohio State University and a master’s in journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington.

Hirons provides a collegial work environment fueled by innovative and passionate practitioners. Peer mentoring and collaboration inform everything we do, from conceptualizing to presenting award-winning solutions to our clients. To learn more about potential employment opportunities, visit http://hirons.wpengine.com/contact/career-opportunities/


About Hirons

Hirons Advertising and Public Relations, established in 1978 by Tom Hirons, is headquartered in Indianapolis and is ranked as both a top 100 advertising and top 100 PR firm in the U.S. Hirons is a digital leader in advertising, public relations, public affairs and media buying. Hirons’ clients include leading private, public and nonprofit sector organizations locally and nationally. Hirons is an employee-owned company.

Getting Older, Getting Better Like a Fine Wine

By Jim Parham, Chief Operating Officer

Some things get better with age. Fine wine, for instance. Cognac. Art. Seasonal allergies (or so I’m told). But advertising+public relations firms? Most age like bottle rockets.

Hot start. Quick high. A pop. And a slow descent back to ground. Or at least back to some middling altitude of mediocrity.

At Hirons, we’ve been extremely fortunate ― our ascent has been underway for 35 years, and no one here is looking down.

Unique Perspectives > Diversity

By The Hirons Diversity Team

Race, gender and age are key indicators of a diverse workforce, but the true definition of diversity lies in perspective.

Last year’s Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in San Francisco hosted several sessions that focused heavily on the transition from a public relations student to a public relations professional.

One session in particular, PR Living Legends, included a panel of advertising and public relations agency presidents and CEOs who commented on the new age of public relations. This included dialogue regarding what they look for in new public relations and advertising graduates. They were looking for fresh ideas and unique perspectives. They were looking for those who knew whether or not they were a generalist or a strategist. Certainly, this caused many of the thousands of PRSSA students in attendance to return to their university and take the time to self-assess.

Culture vs. Cultured

By The Hirons Diversity Team

Most companies and organizations make an effort to recruit and retain a diverse workforce or membership. We know that there is great benefit in having employees and members of varying backgrounds and worldviews. But while an organization may seem diverse at first glance, there are a few important factors to consider.

Having a diverse group of members isn’t very effective if organizations do not take advantage of the diversity. Some organizations do an excellent job of attracting people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Some even have diversity initiatives in place to help meet goals of having diverse representation internally. However, having a diverse surrounding does not suggest that the environment supports learning about differences in race, religion, ethnic backgrounds, sexuality, etc.

Retelling the Earth Day Story at Hirons

By Autumn Gasior, Account Manager

Every year, April is the month of the Earth Day story.

It’s an important story, one that deserves to have at least its own month, but it’s one we’ve heard over and over again — every year, in fact. So every year, companies, organizations and governments work out new angles and details for the Earth Day story, because they need people to pay attention — again. The story of sustainability has its own month, because sustainability won’t work unless there’s commitment and buy-in from society as a whole.

And to stay committed, society needs reminders — constant reinforcement of the movement’s messages (that’s where communications agencies come in).