In 2012, the Indianapolis Airport Authority initiated a business and operational plan to enhance airport parking operations to better meet the needs of customers. At approximately $40 million per year, parking revenues represent the largest non-airline revenue for IAA. IAA’s plan for parking improvements would rely on expert brand development, marketing and communications to deliver key messages to customers and stakeholders leading to an increase in on-airport parking utilization. In addition to reaching new and external audiences, the Indianapolis Airport Authority needed to communicate effectively to retain existing customers as well as to support relationships with concessionaires, partners and non-IAA parties who park at and utilize Indianapolis International Airport.


Through Hirons’ concentric circles model for communications, a 12-month strategic communications plan was developed to align with the business and operational plan for the parking program, including key milestones for internal and external communications. The airport’s QlikView business intelligence software was used to measure parking utilization throughout the campaign. At its conclusion, it reflected a 12.2 percent increase in Terminal Garage parker days as well as a decrease in off-airport parking by 4.5 percent. Additionally, valet parking outperformed the previous June in both parker days and revenue.

In two months, more than 1,700 parkIND Plus frequent parker cards were distributed. Traffic to the airport’s website increased by nearly 50 percent, while traffic to the parking page more than doubled. Social media reach, impressions and positive sentiment also increased. Click-through rates for the online advertising exceeded industry averages, including targeted travel sites that delivered CTRs at two to five times industry average and mobile and Google AdWords CTRs at .52 and 1.26 percent, respectively. Facebook advertising, meanwhile, delivered more than 27 million impressions. Additionally, public relations efforts produced coverage from May 6 through July 31 with an advertising equivalency of nearly $60,000. All marketing activities were also completed within the established budget for the launch.

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